Shopping in Kalkan

Kalkan does not only cater for tourist shopping although that is the main source of income for this small holiday resort, but it also has the ‘staples of life’ for those who live here all year round.

There are three large supermarkets (OK not Asda or Tesco size!) serving the basic shopping needs, The Kartin Supermarket, The Seville Supermarket and Yali General Stores, and a myriad of smaller supermarkets ( the UK equivalent of the corner shop) dotted around in convenient places (the Tempa minimarket just down from the Moonlight Bar is open 24 hours throughout the season). For bulk purchases there are larger supermarkets in Kas and Fethiye, Bims, Migros and many more.

Down by the old bus station (opposite Deniz Bank) is a small market place open each day of the week selling fresh fruit and vegetables, fresh fish, meat, an exceptionally good cobbler (does the stuff UK cobblers used to do before the disposable society overtook everybody) There are three good chemists, often making a trip to the doctors quite unnecessary as many of the prescribed medicines in the UK are sold over the counter here (beware some of the medicine is more aggressive than it’s UK equivalent) and an old fashioned hardware shop. These are open all year round, although there are extended hours over the tourist season.

We must of course mention the open market which takes place on a Thursday and up the hill just out of town in Akbel on a Sunday. On these markets you can buy all sorts of fruit and vegetables, spices and herbs, and household requirements. Barter by all means but be fair, everyone has to make a living!

Wander into Kalkan town and you will find beautiful boutiques selling fashionable clothes with added Turkish touches, silk and cashmere pashminas all for a fraction of the price of the UK. Stunning hand crafted pots and giftware are on sale between the shops selling recognised brands such as Quicksilver and Billabong to name just a couple. There are several jewellers selling exquisite hand made jewellery, again for less than UK prices, jewellery is often sold by weight here not really taking into account the craftsmanship, so the purchaser often has a unique piece of jewellery.

There are shops selling beautiful carpets and kilims (mats) and ornately designed wall hangings. There is so much to see come and find out for yourself.

When you are offered a cup of cay (tea) by the shop owner accept with a smile, it really is genuine friendliness not an attempt to make you buy something.

Come and visit our beautiful town I think I can promise you that you will return time and time again as many of our friends and visitors do.



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